Nawaz: A Cornered Rat

Everyone is familiar with the expression of a cornered tiger but a cornered rat is as dangerous. In fact every living thing when faced with the ultimate threat to their being can be extremely dangerous as it has nothing to lose.

PM Nawaz Sharif is in that position. Not only he himself but his whole family and his party’s political life is at stake. JIT’s damning report has laid bare the web of lies woven by the Sharif Family. Not a single document submitted by the family is genuine. All have been proven to be fakes. None of their statements match, father doesn’t know what sons are doing, what properties they own, what business they own, how they began.

Hussain says that the seed money for his businesses came from Hassan, while Hassan denies it and claims that Hussain got the money from Qatar. The foundations of Sharif Family’s business empire is the 12 Million Dirhams that were the proceeds of the sale of Gulf Steel Mill, which were invested with the Qatari Royals. But it has been proven that no such transaction ever took place, demolishing the whole defence of Sharif Family.

Trust deeds submitted by Maryam are fake as proven by the use of Calibri font which wasn’t even available commercially when the document was supposed to have been made. Her husband doesn’t know anything about anyone not even about the financial dealing of her wife. He also doesn’t know how or who paid for his son’s education expenses in the UK.

JIT has concluded that all documents are fake, they have established the real owner of the Mayfair flats as Maryam Safdar. They’ve uncovered a previously undisclosed offshore company in the name of Nawaz Sharif, which in itself is enough to disqualify him. Qatari letter has been termed as a fraud “only thought up latter to plug the gaps in the money trail.” The report is conclusive.

In all likelihood First family will be charged with perjury, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, corruption and foreign funding. The writing is on the wall but PM Nawaz has decided to dig in for a fight. The right thing to do would’ve been to resign and face the case in court, once cleared he could look forward to coming back with even greater majority.

But that would’ve been possible if they had a defence, a money trail. Since he doesn’t have any money trail, resignation would certainly be the end of Nawaz’s political career and freedom. Faced with this situation PMLN has decided to play the dirty game by blaming the establishment or hidden foreign hand or sometimes international conspiracy by the Jews to oust him and of course conspiracy by the West to sabotage CPEC. They are throwing anything and everything in the hopes that one might stick.

The only people buying this crap are those who are benefitting from Sharif Family and this corrupt system. Nawaz Sharif by deciding to take the confrontational path is putting the whole system in danger. PM should listen to the few sane voices left in the party and stop the attacks on institutions and do the right thing, resign.





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