PIA CEO Wants Safety Rules Relaxed So He Can Use Old Aircraft For Hajj Op

PIA is preparing for the Hajj operation by asking the government permission to use old, grounded aircraft. PIA CEO has written to his bosses in the government seeking an exemption from all safety checks for the ageing A-310 aircraft.

Not only that, he has also asked the government to pursue the Saudi Authorities to relax their safety rules as well as they don’t allow older aeroplanes and have stringent aviation safety requirements.

These are signs of truly desperate times for the PIA. Such exemptions which PIA CEO is seeking could prove disastrous if allowed by the authorities. Moreover, what kind of a CEO of an aviation company can even think of putting hundreds of lives in danger? and pilgrims going on the holiest of journies? Truly pathetic!

PIA has been haemorrhaging money for some time due to some very stupid/suspicious decisions. One such decision was to lease 330 aircraft from Sri Lanks for $8,000 per hour against its original rate of $4,000 per hour. The Sri Lankan crews were also paid in dollars for four consecutive months & $20,000 per month was paid to each captian.

PIA managment only realised its financial position after such huge outflow of funds. Maybe because they were busy stashing away the kickbacks they received from the Sri Lankan deal in offshore accounts.

Now PIA doesn’t have money to buy new aircraft, it has floated a tender for two used wide-body aircraft but it looks like they won’t be with the PIA in time for the Hajj operation.

When Federal Secretary for Aviation Division Irfan Elahi was contacted he acknowledged that he did indeed receive such letter and hinted that he might give the go ahead by trying to justify the request by saying that A-330 is in use in many countries. But also said that passenger safety won’t be compromised. WTH!?

PIA is playing with the lives of poor people who save for years to do Hajj. Their lack of concern for their passenger is revolting. The government should immediately remove the CEO and for once hire a true professional if there is any hope for PIA.


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