PPP Going Overboard To Save Its Skin

While the country is fixated on Panama case investigation, PPP is quietly removing the last hurdles in its path to unrestricted corruption.

On 3rd July, Sindh government quietly passed a bill to repeal the National Accountability Ordinance of 1999 to the province.

Instead they say that they will be empowering the provincial accountability body. In other words, they will be their own judges.

It is no wonder that Sindh government is after NAB when most of their assembly members, many ministers are wanted by the department on corruption charges.

One such example is that of Mr Asif Hashmi, the former Chairman of The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) who was appointed in December 2008, when PPP came to power.

From 2008 to 2013, when he was the chairman, he has been convicted of making 700 illegal appointments of teachers, clerks and other staff.

He is also facing charges of Rs 1 Billion corruption in a land deal. No one in PPP, as it turns out, has been accused of looting anything under a Billion Rupees.

He is wanted in many land, housing and recruitment scams. Asif is now on the run and is living in Dubai, UAE. The FIA issued red warrants for his arrest a few days ago.

The repeal bill, an effort to curtail NAB, was passed only when NAB went after PPP members and their blue-eyed bureaucrats.

Legal experts believe that the repeal bill is illegal and will be struck down in court. Provinces can not undo Federal legislation.

From top to bottom, anyone and everyone who was someone during the PPP era did all s/he could to fill their own pockets.

Let there be no doubt that after Nawaz Sharif, it will be the turn of the shameless thieves of PPP to face the music.

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