SECP Chairman In Bed With N-League

JIT in its report to the Supreme Court says that the SECP Chairman Mr. Zafar Ul Haq Hijazi has been instrumental in closing the investigation of money laundering case against Chaudhary Sugar Mills Ltd.

The investigation, it says began in 2011 but was closed down in 2016, in back date with effect from 8-01-2013. This act of back dated closer of investigation is a criminal act. It was solely done with a view to facilitate the respondent, the Sharif Family.

The orders of Chairman SECP to tamper the record and close Chaudhary Sugar Mills investigation of money laundering in back date were executed by Mr Ali Azeem Ikram, Executive director, SECP.

This is the same Ali Azeem Ikram who was initially nominated by SECP’s Chairman to be a member of present JIT. The nomination was made with a clear intent to subvert the investigation of JIT.

The officer tasked by the JIT with collection of data/record of all the inquiries initiated/pending against the Sharif Family from SECP was restricted from collecting records from two regional offices of the SECP. Despite repeated attempts, JIT has not been able to access those crucial records.

Worst fears of the opposition parties are being realised. PMLN is using state machinery to subvert investigation into its corruption. Imran Khan has repeatedly called for the resignation of Nawaz Sharif, it remains to be seen what the Supreme Court will do about the subversion of Justice so brazenly being committed by PMLN and its touts.




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