Centaurus Islamabad In Legal Trouble

After One Constitution, it is Centaurus Mall and Residence located in F-8 in Islamabad which is now in legal trouble.

Centaurus management, according to CDA has violated the building plan by making at least a dozen changes. The CDA had leased 32,000 Sq Yards to Pak Gulf for Rs6 Billion for construction of hotel, shopping area and residential apartments.

The firms completed the shopping mall and residential apartments but the five-star hotel was never even started. 33 stories have been built when approval was only granted for 29 stories. The firm was only allowed to build 160 appartments but it has built 185. The approved hight of the building was 390 feet but it stands at 422 feet.

In the shopping mall small kiosks have been established in the verandas of the mall against the approved plan. Mezzanine basement is being commercially used illegally by Al-Fateh supermarket for which the management has been fined before. The construction of basement is also against the approved plan and hence illegal.

Monal Downtown, a trendy restaurant, has been established in the plant room area which is not allowed and needs to be removed. The management has also established security rooms, stores and small kiosks in violation of the approved plan.

CDA also says that the Centaurus mall has encroached upon 40 Kanals of land worth Rs10 Billion and that there is a chance that the mall administration has already availed their allowed 1,435,302 Sq Feet covered area in the three existing towers.

CDA has refused the administration’s request of partial completion certificate, saying that there are no provisions in the law to issue partial completion certificates. The developer approached PM house and it turns out that the PM house sided with CDA and asked the developer to remove all violations.

CDA recently informed the Islamabad High Court that a number of high rise building including Centaurus were operating without having obtained completion certificate from the authority.

Where was CDA when these buildings were under construction? What were its inspectors, who’s job it is to over see construction so that violation don’t occur in the first place, doing when these buildings were under construction?

These high rise building are in the middle of Islamabad, in Blue Area, clearly in view of the parliament, the Supreme Court, the PM house and yet when these building are completed, sold to end users among much fanfare that the CDA wakes up to the fact that they are all illegal.

CDA’s negligence & corruption has cost investors dearly. Many investors in these developments are overseas Pakistanis. Confidence of investors, domestic or foreign in Pakistan takes a hit seeing that if such high profile developments can get into such legal trouble then one could only imagine what is happening to the rest.

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