No Respite In Power Cuts During Ramzan

Despite tall claims, the PMLN government has completely failed in curbing crippling power cuts even in Ramzan. Demand in electricity soared to 22,000 megawatts on Monday and supply dwindled at 17,500 megawatts.

On paper there are only 4 hours of power outages in urban areas and 6 hours in rural areas. These figures are grossly understated, the reality is that people in rural areas are facing 12 hours of power cuts and in urban areas it varies anywhere from 6 to 8 hours every day.

Distribution companies are misleading not only the public but the PM himself. Since the start of Ramzan PM has taken four notices of unscheduled power cuts but they have done little to nothing. Now PM has asked for third party verification of electricity production figures.

The circular debt which stood at around Rs 400 Billion when PMLN came to power and cleared among much fanfare has now again ballooned to Rs 500 Billion. IPPs are being forced to supply electricity during Ramzan.

When PMLN came to power no one demanded a Metro Bus or an Orange line in Lahore or Rawalpindi nor did PMLN promised such things but what was required and promised was an end to power cuts. Looking at where we stand today with a shortfall of 4,500 Megawatts, it can be said that PMLN has failed us.



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