Family Of JIT Member Harassed By IB Spooks

It seems that the Supreme Court bench has decided to make public all the problems being faced by the JIT probing PM Sharif and his family for money laundering & corruption. Yesterday it had asked its law officer to look if it was advisable.

Well, today details of the report submitted by JIT member to the bench have been leaked to the media and they make for an eye opening read. Sharif family is using every tool in its arsenal to subvert the investigation undertaken by the JIT. Indeed, there is a reason why Supreme Court hailed Nawaz as “The GodFather.”

Bilal Rasul, member of the JIT has reported seeing IB agents around his house. He also reported that they had harassed his servants and family members on two occasions. It seems that IB has put him and his family under surveillance. Not only that but social media accounts of his family were also hacked.

Another member of JIT, Irfan Naeem Mangi has been issued a showcase notice by NAB and has asked him to reply within 15 days. JIT in its report to Supreme Court says that this showcase notice is to divert attention of the member from inquiry. Meanwhile NAB has said that the notices were issued before JIT was formed and that 100 other officers were issued the same notice.

JIT has also informed the Supreme Court that when SECP was contacted to handover all the files on Sharif family, they instead replied that no inquiry has ever been initiated against the family and they have no record.

The SECP witness however testified that he was barred from looking up any record of Sharif family by the Chairman SECP, Zafar Ulhaq Hijazi. He further testified that record concerning Chaudhary Sugar mill was also tempered with on the directives of the Chairman.

Some witnesses have also informed JIT for the directives they received from PM house before they appeared before it. They were told to make sure that their story didn’t contradict in anyway claims from the PM.

JIT also informed the court that when directed to write to international institutions and governments to investigate the ministry of law and order delayed writing such letters for five days.

It looks like PMLN has nothing left to lose and they seem to have realised that if JIT is allowed to continue it will expose their corrupt practices once and for all. They know that they are going to go down and now it seems that they’ve decided to go down fighting.

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