Arrest Warrants Issued For Directors of Chinese Mining Firm

An accountability court in KPK has issued arrest warrants for three directors of Tuny Pak Mineral Private Limited. Ms Hongying Wen and her two daughters, Xe Ping and Han Wen, had not turned up to face trial despite being summoned.

Tuny Pak Mineral PvT LTD is accused of mining 413 Tons of Antimony, often known by the Arabic name Kohl, from mines in Chogor area of Chitral and then smuggled it out to China thus inflicting a loss of a Million USD to the national exchequer.

Inquiry into the firm was started three years ago by the Accountability Bureau when the then provincial minister Ziaullah Afridi brought the matter to their attention. Next hearing will be held on 11 July.

The firm denies all the charges and says that it had obtained written permission in August 2012 from mines and minerals department for exporting 500 tons of Kohl to China as a ‘sample’ for testing purpose. The company has so far failed to produce any such written permission.

It is said that they might have paid off the concerned officials at the time to look the other way instead of going through the proper channels. Considering the level of corruption during last government, it is very much a possibility.

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