Qatar looking elsewhere for food, can we help?

The Saudi led push to isolate Qatar by cutting diplomatic and trade ties over its alleged support for terrorism has chocked food imports from key transit points in Saudi and the UAE and caused panic buying at shops earlier this week.

Qatar is now looking to other foreign exporters including Turkey and Iran but also its local food companies to keep the supermarket shelves well stacked. Meat and Vegetables are the major food imports the tiny nation is dependent upon, producing less that 14% of what is required domestically.

Pakistani farmers and exporters can step in to fill the gap. Qatar is a very lucrative market for our farmers and our government should take steps to facilitate exports to the brotherly nation by giving tax breaks to exporters doing business in Qatar.

Pakistan can’t take sides but it can and it should explore business oppertunities. It will not only help Qatar but could help our farmers capture much coveted market which could be helpful in replenishing our dwindling foreign reserves.

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