On Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 1100 hours, Nawaz Sharif will appear before the JIT. In doing so he will become the first sitting head of state of Pakistan to face investigation agencies probing financial irregularities, fraud, and corruption not only against himself but against his whole family.

So far both his sons, close aids and some family members have appeared before the JIT and sources say that summons have been issued to Ishaq Dar, Finance Minister and a relative of PM. Around a dozen people named by Ishaq Dar in his confessional statement which was given to investigators after 1999 coup have already appeared before the JIT. Even though Ishaq Dar says that the statement was given under duress, the JIT seems to have taken it seriously.

PMLN as a whole is not very thrilled about the speed and direction JIT has taken even though they were distributing sweets when Supreme Court had announced its creation. Now PMLN members are dishing out threats, some veiled and some unveiled as is evident by the recent outburst of Nehal Hashimi.

PMLN is also doing its best to some how discredit or delay proceedings. PM’s elder son has filled another petition with the Supreme Court seeking the constitution of a commission to find out who leaked Hussain Nawaz’s picture. This petition like the one before it which raised questions on neutrality of two JIT members is likely to be thrown out by the court.

JIT did finish its probe into who leaked the picture and have already forwarded its findings to the Supreme Court. The person responsible for the leak was not mentioned by name in the report but the action taken against him by the JIT, which was to transfer him back to his department, and by his department, which has initiated an inquiry into his conduct, was mentioned along with possible motives behind the leak.

JIT members have also informed the bench that certain government departments are hampering investigations and that some have even tempered with the evidence. As the day of PM’s investigation draws nearer, the smear campaign against JIT is set to accelerate.

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