Model Police Stations To Be Built In Every Tehsil Of KPK

In keeping with their pledge of revamping police, the PTI led KPK government has increased the police department’s budget by 21% from Rs 32.9 Billion to Rs 39.7 Billion for FY 2017 – 2018.

This money will be used to setup a state of the art forensic science lab in Peshawar, a counter terrorism training facility & construction of traffic warden headquarter also in Peshawar.

Model police stations will be built in each and every Tehsil and town of the province. State of the art interview rooms will be built in jails across KPK and select women and juvenile sections of some prisons will be improved.

To avoid jail breaks KPK government is planing on installing separate feeders for jails. To reduce the electricity bill, government is going to shift police stations, jails and prisons onto solar power.

Compare that to Punjab Police, where many stations are stealing electricity and the department itself is indebted to WAPDA and you will see how far KPK police has come since PTI came to power.

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